The girls with “Papa G” before Monday’s Sussex Area Service Club meeting. Pictured (left to right): Mykayla Pena, Lauren Leonardi, Gary Bohlmann, Elise Rades. 

Sussex, WI–Last night Head Coach Barry Holloway, flanked by members of the girls’ rugby team, stopped by the Sussex Area Service Club (SAS) meeting to thank the organization for their $1000 donation to help the team purchase a large tent that the team will use at every home and away game next season.

The team recognized a need for a tent when they attended the Lakefront 7s tournament last summer. It was a blistering hot day, and the generic white-topped tent that was lent to the team by parents was hard to spot among the hundred other tents lining the lakefront at Veteran’s Park.

“Having our own tent is a big deal,” explained Coach Holloway, “It protects our girls from the elements, it helps players and families find our ‘home base’ at large tournaments, and it means there is now one less thing for which we need parent volunteers.”

It was a rather fortuitous moment that brought these two programs together. Service Club member Gary Bohlmann, affectionately called “Papa G” by students in the district, was the bus driver for Hamilton’s trip to Green Bay for their 38-5 win over Pulaski. Impressed by what he saw, he went straight to work bringing the programs together.

Coach Holloway explained, “We are so lucky that Gary got us partnered with SAS, and we feel fortunate to have such a caring, supportive organization in our community.”

For more information about the Sussex Area Service Club, click here.

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