Hamilton RFC is currently recruiting new players!



Any 9th-12th grade girl at Hamilton High School who is looking for a new spring or fall sport.


The Wisconsin Girls Rugby league recently played its 20th season. The league currently features fourteen teams, and the league is home to the 2022 National Champions DSHA, the 2021 State Champions Catholic Memorial, and one of the best select sides in the country. Hamilton RFC is entering their sixth season of 15s rugby. Last season (2021) they finished 3rd in 15s rugby and were the 2022 D1 & D2 state champions in 7s rugby (spring). 


Practices and home games will be held at the Halquist Youth Complex (fall season) and behind Templeton (spring season). Just show up to any practice in athletic wear. No special equipment needed to give it a try! We have a lot of new people this season, so you won’t be alone!


Practices will be held on Mondays  from 4:00pm to 5:30pm and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4:00pm-6:00pm.  New players are welcome to try out the sport without any pressure to join. Players are welcome to stay in Mr. Holloway’s room (E177) to hangout or do homework before practice. 


Hamilton RFC is looking to provide empowering opportunities for girls to play on a sports team with a positive culture that looks to develop the girls into strong women on the field and in their community. Playing rugby will help girls build confidence, critical thinking skills, and communication skills that they will need to be successful in the “real world” and to earn college scholarships at the end of their high school career.


The team is led by General Manager and Head Coach Katie McNeil. McNeil has spent many years as a coach in the WGR. She started her rugby career as a player at UW-Whitewater and graduated to the Oconomowoc women’s team after college.

Barry Holloway, a teacher at Hamilton High School, who helped start the program at both the high school and middle school serves as an assistant coach. He started his career in rugby as a high school player at Waukesha West, then as the head coach of the UW-Whitewater women’s team. 

Amanda Huber, a former UW-Whitewater rugby player and current player/president for Oconomowoc Women’s Rugby Club, also helps coach the team.


  • What if I just want to try rugby before I join?
    • That’s okay! Come for the first couple of weeks (and bring a friend!), and see if it is for you. We’d love for you to join but only because it is something you like. We’re not interested in pressuring players to join because those players won’t stick around long term.
  • Will players take a bus to the tournaments?
    • The school will provide transportation to our varsity away games during the fall season. Girls/families will need to drive themselves during the spring season.
  • How much will it cost to play?
    • The team dues are $120 for each season and the USA Rugby dues are $10. The USA Rugby dues cover both the fall 15s season and the spring 7s season and only need to be paid once. The $120 team dues are twice the cost of dues of sports like basketball/football because the team receives no additional funding from the school outside of the use of the fields and busing. Athletes will need to submit a $120 cash/check to participate in the fall season. Please talk to Coach Holloway if you would like to participate, but your family cannot afford the dues. Other costs families should consider: mouth guard ($5-10), cleats ($50), team issued shorts/socks ($25). Players may use a free team jersey, or they may purchase one to keep–with their custom name/number–for $40.
  • How mandatory are practices?
    • Players will only improve if they are at practice. That being said, we are flexible if there are days you are going to miss. Please make sure you use the team app to let coaches know what practices/games you will be missing. That being said, the last practice before a game (usually Thursdays, sometimes Wednesdays) is considered mandatory so that the team can do a full walk-through. Anyone who wants to be a starter should be at the entirety of this practice.
  • Why are there practices after the last tournament?
    • All levels of Hamilton RFC like to hold practices after the season to recap the season, celebrate the team’s success, and have a little fun. 
  • Isn’t rugby dangerous?
    • Many parents have seen the news about the NFL, American football, and concussions and are rightfully concerned about their daughter playing a contact sport. Please see our article on injuries in rugby and on specific numbers of injuries at Hamilton by clicking here.
  • What if I am afraid to tackle?
    • Don’t worry; most players are nervous about it at first. We will ease you into it by teaching you the proper technique to keep you safe using expensive and professional tackling bags that will give you the confidence to make a tackle before you even have to tackle a player one-on-one. We will also train you how to be tackled to further help you avoid injuries.
  • How will we be coached?
    • We are serious about developing players and making sure kids have fun. While winning is great, it is more important to the program and the players that they grow as a player within the sport. We believe in developing all of our players and not just the “stars.” We believe everyone has the chance to “star” one day on this team, and this is accomplished through positive, supportive, and specific feedback as well as game time experience for all players.
  • How do I sign up?
    • If you are already interesting in joining, you must turn the following things into the Athletic Office. While there are many forms, most them cover you with the school for the entirety of the school year no matter how many sports you join.
  • Questions?
    • If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Coach Holloway (hollba@hamilton.k12.wi.us). He is always willing to help and answer questions from both parents and players.

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