Asst. Captain Lauren Leonardi (junior) takes off on her game-winning run on the game’s last play.

Sussex, WI–Hamilton completed their regular season with a thrilling win against the B team of the country’s #1 ranked club, DSHA. Lauren Leonardi’s 40-meter breakaway put her team ahead on the last play of the game.

DSHA’s B team struck first when their #8 fought her way to a 5-0 lead. Hamilton’s number 8, Captain Hannah Pfersch answered back with a try of her own that put Hamilton ahead 7-5, but DSHA was not behind for long, as they added another try, putting them up 12-7 right before the half.

Hamilton came out strong in the second half, and Pfersch used a quick lineout to give the Hamilton a 12-10 lead that held for most of the half until DSHA was awarded a penalty, just meters from the try. Opting for a more conservative approach, DSHA took the kick and went ahead 13-12.

Hamilton became disorganized and frantic in the final five minutes, as they tried to avoid the loss, but they were able to get the ball down to Leonardi who found a small hole in DSHA’s back line. DSHA was able to get a hand on her, but she was able to break through the arm tackle before going on a long run for the go-ahead score that sent Hamilton’s Hooligan Fan Club into a frenzy.

Hamilton finished the regular season 2-2 and are now slated to play Fox Valley at home on Saturday in the league’s fifth-place semi-final.

Fantastic Five

  • Lauren Leonardi
    • Took the game in her hands with a magnificent run.
  • Hannah Pfersch
    • Hannah had two huge tries to keep the team in the game.
  • Alex Werra
    • Converted a kick, had some great runs, and made big tackles.
  • Calla Dane
    • Had her best performance of the season, played with passion.
  • Angel Junkert
    • Struggled with some throws in the weather, but perfectly executed the most complicated throw at exactly the right time.
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