Hamilton talking to the ref before the game.

Sussex, WI–Hamilton prepared for the start of the regular season by playing Catholic Memorial in a scrimmage that consisted of four 20-minute quarters. Catholic Memorial were the 2017 state champions and finished 2nd in the nation at nationals last spring.

While the Harriers came into the game knowing it would be a losing effort, the team use the event to learned valuable information about their roster. The teams played veterans against each other in the 1st quarter, a mix of veterans and developing players in the 2nd/3rd quarter, and mostly new players in the final quarter.

CMH put in five tries in the 1st quarter, three tries in the 2nd quarter, and only two tries in each of the final two quarters. Hamilton was unable to score against CMH. Coaches and players from both teams were impressed with the size of Hamilton’s team and how much they’ve improved since last season. Even though Hamilton lost 68-0, that is considerably better than the 89-5 scoreline from last season’s regular season match-up, especially considering last night’s contest was twenty minutes longer than a regular season game.

While Hamilton had few moments where they threatened CMH, the Harriers went long stretches where they held CMH at bay. CMH scored in bunches, as most of their scores came in groups within three minutes of each other.

Hamilton’s veterans looked equal to or better than CMH in scrums and lineouts, but really struggled to handle CMH’s advanced rucking technique. Both teams had handling errors, but CMH led game in balls dropped forward for a knock-on.

–Hamilton sustained some injuries, listed in order of severity: Sara Guenette. (concussion), Izzy Leiner (sprained neck), Chloe Miller (sprained ankle), Michelle Wehrman (pulled calf).
–A slew of girls made their debuts: Mackenna Deede, Emma Faulstich, Emma Kate Knudsen, Savannah Landphier, Madi Martinez, Norah Miller, Katie Palmer, Morgan Price, and Savanna Thorne.
–Savanna Thorne’s 17 tackles were the most in a pre-season game by a Harrier, beating Taylor Fryda’s mark of 6 in last season’s pre-season game against Brookfield.
–This is the second straight year that Hamilton has lost their pre-season game.
–Hamilton used a new captain every quarter (in order): Chloe Miller, Mykayla Pena, Sydney Raymond, and Mia Leukert.
–All Hamilton players were given 40 minutes of play time, but Rosie Eesley and Taylor Fryda were asked to play 60 with the absence of Alex Werra. They performed well, combining for 20 tackles.

Fantastic Five:

  • Savannah Thorne
    • Had 17 tackles, the most by a Harrier in the pre-season.
  • Emma Kate Knudsen
    • Got a lot of work with all of CMH’s line breaks but handled it well in her debut.
  • Emma Faulstich
    • Made 10 tackles, many of them were “booming” tackles, in her debut.
  • Q1 Front Row
    • Hannah Pfersch, Angel Junkert, and Calla Dane had great scrums and combined for 11 tackles.
  • Morgan Price
    • Created a lot of problems for the CMH back line when she was moved inside. Had 8 tackles in her debut.


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