Captains/chefs…hard at work.

Sussex, WI – The Hamilton Harriers hosted their first annual team breakfast after an emotional week when their first ever JV friendly match was canceled by the Divine Savior Holy Angels.

Approximately ten minutes into the cooking process, Captains Hannah Pfersch, junior; Lauren $wag Möney Leonardi, senior; and Sydney Raymond, senior, faced tremendous adversity when dealing with problematic pancake batter. In an effort to solve the consistency issue, Pfersch then added too much water, causing the batter to fluctuate to the opposite extreme. All turned out well when the three were able to band together and score themselves some festive Halloween-inspired cookie cutters and food dye.

As other players started arriving, the team faced a new obstacle. Miscommunication between teammates led to an overwhelming number of cooks in the kitchen. With multiple items being cooked in a small area, the electricity was unable to keep up. The Harriers adjusted well against these problems as Mykayla Pena, senior, moved her hash brown cooking downstairs as many of the team followed.

The gals having breakfast.

Just minutes away from eating, Hamilton decided to try and take a group picture. With dysfunctional members such as Alex Werra, senior; Jessie Endries, junior; and Caralynn Doese, freshman; this became a more difficult task than it needed to be.

In lieu of cancellation, the aforementioned captains awarded festive goodie bags to those should’ve been today’s starters as a small token of appreciation. The team thanks these players for their understanding and hopes everyone keeps coming out and working hard.

In the end, all Hamilton players were winners because they got to spend quality time together.

The aforementioned team photo.

–Today’s meal included Halloween themed pancakes, cinnamon rolls, eggs, sausage, hash browns, various fruits, donuts, bagels, and many drinks.
–The team enjoyed various music ranging between classics such as “Stand By Me” to current bops like “Laffy Taffy.”
–Calla Dane was banned from playing music after her emotional song choices led to tears from many teammates.
–Leonardi, Pfersch, and Werra made their dancing debuts as they busted out some fresh moves to Dexys Midnight Runners smash hit, “Come On Eileen”

Fantastic Five:

  • Today’s prospective starters
    • All of these girls continuously work hard at every practice and never look for any recognition. Our team would not be the same without them.
  • Kelly Pfersch
    • Consistently provides for the team and hosted last 3 consecutive team events.
  • Barry Holloway
    • Tried his best.
  • Chefs
    • Woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the army of hungry gals that would soon strike.
  • Attendees
    • Fun teammates are what makes this sport so special.

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