Hamilton Secures JV Game on Saturday

05/04/22 Hamilton secured a JV game for their new and developing players on Saturday (5/22). The game will be held on Saturday at the end of regular play, aproximately 5:00pm. Hamilton will play a JV side from Columbia Central (TN). Columbia Central finished second at the Tennesse state 15s tournament this spring. The teams will play two 25-minute halves.

Hamilton Rosters Released

05/13/22 Hamilton has released the roster that will compete for a national title. Only 23 Hamilton players can be listed on this roster. Players not named to this roster will participate in Saturday’s JV contest.

Starting VarsityVarsity BenchJV
Dieman, Caitlyn
Farrell, Grace
George, Olivia
Landphier, Savannah
McLay, Brenna
Miller, Norah
Niebler, Izzy
Nitz, Frances
Rank, Meghan
Rank, Rachel
Ruedinger, Ronny
Smolik, Paige
Strelow, Grace
Torres, Camille
Torres, Jasia
Beatty, Grace
Desai, Maya
Friedrich, Kenzie
Leitzke, Mia
Lykins, Alexis
Martinez, Rosa
St. Louis, Macey
Soreno, Scarlet
Cornwell, Chelsea
Fritz, Quinn
Hackbarth, Kaitlin
Hauser, Luci
Hokanson, Emily
Houston, Erika
Kollath, Peyton
Kremel, Madalyn
Kremel, Sarah
Lassiter, Natalie
Lykins, Brooke
Olsen, Bella
Petroff, Claire
Popanz, Ally
Zellner, Lilly 
2022 Nationals Squad

Chargers Qualify as D1

05/16/22 Following the conclusion of spring 15s seasons throughout the nation, the National High School Rugby committee determined that Hamilton rugby is one of the premier teams at the tournament and will participate in the division one bracket. They will join Catholic Memorial and Divine Savior Holy Angels as three Wisconsin teams that will be represented in the top bracket featuring eight teams. While Hamilton lost to both of those teams during the Fall 2021 15s season, Hamilton led for a majority of those games and lost those games only by a combined seven points.

May 16th– U.S. Olympic rugby player Ilona Maher sends the team some love before our big trip!

First Game Scheduled: Summit (CO)

05/17/22 Hamilton will open the tournament against Summit (CO) on Saturday (5/22) at 11:00am. The Chargers will play again at 2:45pm against either Catholic Memorial or Grandville (MI).


7:20AM — Leaving for Ohio!

8:00AM– Tournament Captains Announced! Congrats to Norah Miller, Savannah Landphier, Frances Nitz, and Brenna McLay.

10:20–Passing time on the bus. Coach Mac and Snooki see who can eat a Fruit by the Foot the fastest.

12:20PM EST– Stopped for sandwiches in Indiana!

3:25PM EST– The Hamilton staff sends their support to the team!

4:15PM EST–We made it to Ohio!

6:00PM EST — Pizza!

7:00 PM EST– The “Talent” Show opens with the national anthem

Emily Hokanson makes Uncle Sam proud.
Mac and Nat finished the show with a crowd pleasing performance.

“Talent” Show highlight reel can be found on the team’s TikTok: click here.

Talent Show Winners: 1st Ranks, 2nd Savannah & Luci, 3rd Liv

Parents helped to make this weekend special

Check out vibebathandbody.com

10:30AM EST– Curfew. Coaches doing room checks.


8:30AM EST– Breakfast in the team room.

8:50AM EST — Mac and Snooki attempt to generate quality content for the blog…fail.

9:40AM EST–Frances and Paige trapping a wasp to release it back into the wild. #SaveTheEarth

10:00AM EST– First practice is rain delayed!

They played whatever this is…

10:10AM EST– Coach Barry teaches them “Shelter Ball” from his Waukesha park leader days. As with any competition and this team, it gets heated!

10:25PM EST– Your Shelter Ball Champs!

10:40PM EST — Practice

Backs got their reps in!
Forwards got their reps in!
Macey and Maya spent some of the pratice learning how to indentify the Torres twins.

11:45 PM EST– Lunch at the park

12:30PM EST– Volleyball

4:00PM EST– Got to walk the field, meet a college coach, and set some individual goals.

4:30PM EST– The team gets registered and takes some pictures.

6:30PM EST– The women’s rugby game we were supposed to watch got delayed, so we did this instead and went back to the hotel…

6:45PM EST– Olive Garden for dinner.

6:45PM EST– Coach Mac and Snooki taking in the sunshine before heading to the tournament’s coaches’ meeting.

7:00PM EST — Jersey ceremony! During dinner, girls on the varsity roster where given their jersey for tomorrow’s games by Hamilton alumni, Madi Martinez and Syd Raymond.

8:33PM EST– Oconomowoc Women’s rugby sends their love to Hamilton rugby. Coach Snooki plays for OWRFC and is their president. Coach Mac is a former player for Ocon.

9:00PM EST– Pranks

10:30PM EST– Curfew. Room checks!


8:00AM EST– Team meeting & breakfast before games today.

8:25AM EST– Don’t be late to the bus!

8:30AM EST– Heading off to the most important day of rugby in Hamilton history.

10:20PM EST– The girls are warming up.

10:37PM EST– Summit lost the coin toss. Hamilton will receive the opening kickoff.

11:00PM EST– Opening kickoff of first nationals game in team history.

11:30AM EST– Hamilton down 0-5 at half.

12:00PM EST– Hamilton falls 0-20 to Summit, Colorado’s top rugby program. Goff Rugby ranked Summit 5th in the nation in their last high school rankings. The ladies played them tough until the end and absolutely left everything on the field.

12:15PM EST– Because rugby is all about camaraderie, Summit and Hamilton exchanged gifts and well-wishes.

12:15PM EST– Summit named Meghan Rank the Hamilton player of the match.

12:45PM EST– Hamilton will play Grandville (MI) at 1:45PM (central) on the same video stream.

1:49PM EST– Varsity warming up for their final game of the day.

2:34PM EST– Hamilton will receive the kick in the next game.

2:58PM EST– Paige Smolik scores the first try in Hamilton history at nationals. Hamilton leads 5-0.

3:09PM EST– With three minutes left in the half, Norah Miller added a try and Grace Strelow scored on the last play of the half. Meghan Rank added a conversation. Hamilton leads 17-0 at half.

4:11PM EST– Hamilton gets a penalty try from Paige Smolik and a try from Rachel Rank, getting their first win at nationals 31-12. Grandville, the team they beat, recently finished 2nd in 15s in MI and have won the MI 15s state championship three times in the last five years.

THANKS to the families and friends who traveled with us and cheered from afar!

JV game coming up, but we are on rain delay

5:28PM EST– JV warming up for their game.

6:00PM EST– JV played a big Columbia Central team and held strong despite a 0-19 loss. Game was called at half due to storms.

6:30PM EST– The ARs we’re young, handsome Australians, so we needed a picture with them.

6:45PM EST– Dinner (Chipotle) and the debate over which is better–Chipolte or Qdoba.

6:45PM EST– Parents held their own team dinner tonight!

9:30PM EST– Early curfew to get packed up for tomorrow’s departure!


7:18AM EST– Our final hotel breakfast.

7:45PM EST– Packing up and heading out.

8:00AM EST– Hamilton will play Columbia Central (TN) in the nation’s 5th place game on Field 1. It will be streamed on The Rugby Network: https://www.therugbynetwork.com/videos/highschoolgirls2

Professional photos taken at the tournament can be purchased here. We also had a number of friends taking photos, so keep an eye on our shared (Spring 2022) folder as well! Click here for that.

9:48AM EST– Hamilton enters the stadium.

10:32AM EST– Halftime. Hamilton leads 19-0 after big runs from Rachel Rank and Jasia Torres. Norah Miller also punched one in and Meghan Rank added two conversations.

11:21PM EST–Hamilton Wins! They finished 5th in the nation. Defeating Columbia Central 24-14.

12:00PM EST– Heading home.

6:45PM– Arrived home to welcome party featuring candy, bubbles, and air horns. Thanks to our wonderful families!

Relive our final game against Columbia Central by clicking here and going to the 1:28:00 mark.

End of the blog! See you next year!

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